HHINO NATURAL SKINCARE, a single DNA, two beating hearts. The DNA of HINO NATURAL SKINCARE is ‘Green’, being well aware that for its daily care skin prefers scientifically proven, skin-friendly, natural substances sourced according to Green Chemistry principles.

A single DNA with two beating hearts, PRO BALANCE and PRO SOLUTION.
HINO NATURAL SKINCARE is the cosmetic answer to those who seek an innovative and smart approach to the skin, being aware that the complexity of our skin must be supported every day with a well-structured cosmetic treatment instead of a single product. In order to respond effectively to different skin requirements, HINO NATURAL SKINCARE developed PRO BALANCE e PRO SOLUTION

PRO BALANCE helps rebalance our dermis by restoring the ideal balance and ensuring the wellbeing and beauty of our skin; ECO BIO ICEA certified, it is suitable for every moment and age.
PRO SOLUTION offers targeted cosmetic solutions that are specific against aging; indeed, they act in an accurate, localised way thanks to state-of-the-art cosmetic methods.

From skin complexity to the simplicity of a plant.
Like a plant getting its nourishment and strength from the soil, the skin finds back its balance and vigour with PRO BALANCE. Age, time and specific lifestyle conditions may alter its structure: hence the known fact that sometimes “good soil” is not enough to give shine and beauty to our skin. PRO SOLUTION becomes the targeted answer to the most demanding skin when an accurate, direct and functional action is needed.

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