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This page describes the way the users’ personal information is managed in this website. Such policy may be updated without notice, so we recommend that you consult its terms on a regular basis.
This notice is posted in accordance with art. 13, Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 – “Privacy Act” and art. 2, Privacy Data Protection Supervisor’s ruling 15th May 2013, published in the Official Journal no. 174 26th July 2013, which lays down the rules on the use of the personal information of any party interacting with the website or online services of Green Remedies S.p.A., electronically accessible at: – which is the company’s landing page – for direct marketing purposes by traditional and electronic media (Ruling no. 242).
This notice solely applies to the Green Remedies S.p.A. website (, and it will not apply to any other website that the user might be linked to.


When you browse this website, some of your personal information may be processed.
Your personal information shall solely be processed for purposes that are closely related or instrumental to the provision of the services described in the website (statistics, enquiries, material about Green Remedies S.p.A.) by automatic media or by traditional media such as surface mail or calls.
In addition, your personal information may be used for statistics, to answer your enquiries, or to send materials about GREEN REMEDIES S.P.A, SOLGAR ITALIA® MULTINUTRIENT® S.P.A, or about CNM ‐ COLLEGE OF NATUROPATHIC, CFA ‐ IOI ‐ CENTRI FORMATIVI ASSOCIATI ISTITUTO OLISTICO ITALIANO. The data processor is Green Remedies S.p.A. Via Prima Strada, 23/3 – 35129 – Padova – Italy.



Your personal information shall be processed by digital media, based on principles that are closely related to the above purposes or otherwise in such a way as to keep such information private and confidential, by designated parties. Specific security measures are implemented to prevent any loss, misuse of or unauthorised access to such information.
Browser data
In their ordinary operations, the digital systems and software procedures that power this website will save some personal information that is inherently transmitted when you use any Internet protocol.
Such information is anonymous and enables the website to work; such information is not associated with the parties concerned but could be processed and matched with other information, including thirdparty information, that could lead to discovering the owners’ identity. Such information is solely used for statistics about the website and to make sure the website works properly, and is promptly deleted once processed. Such information could be used in investigative processes in the event of cyber-crime; except in that circumstance, such information is deleted within seven days.
No browser data are disclosed.
Note that this website is hosted by Shellrent S.r.l (based in via Dell’Edilizia, 19 – Vicenza). So, browser data might be disclosed if instrumental to the provision of the online service or to a proper viewing of the web pages.
Informed consent
When you send an email to one of the addresses posted on this website, your address is saved in order to the respond to your enquiry along with other personal information that may be contained in your email.


Personal information entered by users

The personal information entered in the enquiry form posted on the website is solely used to respond to such enquiry and is never disclosed to any third party or to anyone else. If such personal information is withheld, you might not be able to receive a reply.

Except for the above automatic information, you are free to disclose any personal information when you make an enquiry or ask for a specific service. If such personal information is withheld, you might not be able to receive a reply or the service you asked for.



Pursuant to articles 7 (the gist of which is provided below), 8, 9 and 10, Legislative Decree no. 196 June 30th 2003, and art. 2, Privacy Data Protection Supervisor’s ruling 15th May 2013, published in the Official Journal no. 174, 26th July 2013 (the gist of which is provided below), you are entitled to:
Art. 7 - Right of access to personal information and other privacy rights:
  • 1. The Party is entitled to be confirmed whether any personal information about such Party exists, even if not recorded yet, and to be disclosed such personal information in an intelligible form.
  • 2. The Party is entitled to be informed about: a) the source of such personal information; b) how and for which purpose such personal information will be used; c) the principle underlying the electronic treatment of such personal information; d) the ID details of the data controller, data processor and data supervisor, under art. 5, paragraph 2; e) which parties or groups of parties such personal information could be disclosed to or can come into possession of such personal information as data controllers, data processors or data supervisors, within the country.
  • 3. The Party is entitled: a) to have such personal information updated, corrected if interested, or completed; b) to have such personal information deleted, made anonymous or blocked if misused, including any personal information that does not need to be saved for the purposes for which it has been previously collected or processed; c) to receive evidence that the operations listed at a) and b) above, including their contents, have been drawn to the attention of those parties to which such personal information has been disclosed, unless such formality is impossible to fulfil or would involve disproportionate effort to do so;
  • 4. The party concerned is entitled to partly or fully oppose: a) to have such personal information used, for legitimate reasons, even if for the purpose for which it has been collected, to have such personal information used to send advertising or direct sales materials, or to conduct market surveys or for sales notices.
Art 2 - Under art. 143, paragraph 1, letter b) and art. 154, paragraph 1, letter c) of the Code, the Privacy Data Protection Supervisor lays down that the data controllers must abide to the following rules:
  • a) the notice and the consent form must clearly show that the consent given to receiving sales and promotional materials, according to art. 1, paragraphs 1 and 2, of the Code, means that such materials will be sent not only by automatic media but by traditional media, such as surface mail or calls, as well;
  • b) the notice must clearly show that the right to oppose to have such personal information used for “direct marketing” purposes by automatic media includes traditional media as well, and that, even then, such right can be partly exerted as laid down by art. 7, paragraph 4, of the Code;
  • c) the notice must clearly show that a party who does not want to consent to such terms and conditions may choose to have such materials sent by traditional media only, insofar as available;
  • d) the party must be able to make such choice easily and free of charge, under art. 7, paragraph 4, of the Code.
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