On Saturday, November 13 and Sunday, November 14, 2021, theexclusive location of Palazzo Parigi in Milan was the scene of the event. #UNIVERSAL BEAUTY, Beauty Class by Hino Natural Skincare. This sumptuous building is home to one of the starred hotels most in vogue among fashion and glamour aficionados. A quintessence of style and elegance, Palazzo Parigi therefore proved to be a perfect setting for a special event dedicated to "Universal Beauty ."

The #HinoUniversalBeauty project by Hino Natural Skincare, already the host of last May's "Montenapoleone Art&Design" event at Via Monte Napoleone in Milan, returned to the spotlight in a meeting with high educational value, aimed at Pharmacists, Retailer Operators and Doctors.

Beauty science was discussed, but also art and dance, proposing a parallelism between seemingly so distant worlds. Attention to the beauty of the person and the quality of life is the pivotal element guiding scientific research in the field of aesthetics, which by its nature is constantly evolving.

Thanks to the prestigious testimonies of Specialists in the field, and the timely remarks of the Scientific Board of Hino Natural Skincare, it emerged how proper skin care is now a daily and cross-cutting necessity.

Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, study of Chrono & Photo Aging, and science-based Cosmetics from Green Chemistry are now able to offer the best supports for feeling good in one's own skin, transforming modern anti-aging strategies into a pleasant and safe self-care routine for the consumer.

Through the special interweaving of science, art and dance, a new Beauty that overcomes barriers and reaches the heart was spoken about with kindness and harmony. #UNIVERSAL BEAUTY, Universal Beauty that embraces without boundaries theuniqueness of each person, is thus a new, more welcoming vision of the beauty concept that accompanied Hino Natural Skincare in an event of discovery and rediscovery of the brand and its respectful, high-performance and Green Chemistry friendly products.