The project #HinoUniversalBeauty stems from the brand HINO NATURAL SKINCARE 's desire to create an inclusive meeting point, between art and women. The evocative location of via MonteNapoleone in Milan, Italy, will host between May 10 and 23, 2021 four works by Romagna-based artist Vera Berardi, aka Vera Vera (@VeraVera_Artist).

The main work is a Botticelli-inspired Venus, part of the #TellMeWords series and the result of a double operation: on the one hand, the sculptural one carried out in the atelier; on the other hand, a collaboration between the artist and the brand HINO NATURAL SKINCARE , which chose to insert the word "beauty" in different languages by imprinting it on the skin of the sculpture. The finished work thus becomes a critical investigation into the relationship between what we show and what we are, into the false masks we wear in front of the society that sees us. A meeting point between the brand and the artist, both of whom value inner and outer beauty, skin and the personal sphere as much as the environment in which we live and ecology.

Three hanging garments represent women's faces, each made in shades reminiscent of the different colours of a woman's complexion, suggesting inclusions of the differences that sound in unison inside the shrine. The faces float in the air, slowly turning on themselves and showing the gold leaf covering the inside of the masks. The gold material symbolises the preciousness that is hidden behind that which conceals and deceives, the intrinsic value of inner beauty, so often forgotten. At the same time it refers to a transcendental vision, where true beauty is revealed, showing the truth that is hidden and concealed behind our masks.

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