Hino is the cosmetic response to those who are looking for an innovative and smart approach for their skin, one that characterizes by the high quality of its formulations. The efficacy of Hino stems from the key elements used for the highest performance of our products for your skin.

Instrumental tests

HINO NATURAL SKINCARE is committed to demonstrating the effectiveness of its PRO SOLUTION products with appropriate scientific evidence. HINO NATURAL SKINCARE uses instrumental tests to assess and prove the scientific effectiveness of PRO SOLUTION products.

While simple self-assessment tests mainly offer subjective data based on the individual perception/satisfaction of each candidate, our instrumental assessment tests produce objective and quantifiable data - this is why HINO NATURAL SKINCARE will not use self-assessment tests to express any kind of evaluation of its PRO SOLUTION products.

The instrumental assessment tests of HINO NATURAL SKINCARE are conducted in specialized laboratories under the supervision of expert professionals.

Patented HINO molecules

Our innovative, patented molecules and natural bases are the core of our formulations for highly performing, high-quality cosmetic products that respect the skin and the environment.


HINO NATURAL SKINCARE speaks only one language: the language of your skin. Each product contains active cosmetic constituents that are recognized by the skin and whose primary objective is to support the natural and physiological composition of the skin.
In ciascun prodotto si utilizzano costituenti attivi cosmetici che la pelle è in grado di riconoscere, con l’obiettivo primario di sostenere la naturale e fisiologica costituzione cutanea.


Our philosophy


Hino has a green DNA because we know that the skin prefers natural skin-friendly substances derived from Green Chemistry for its daily care. green, nella consapevolezza che la pelle preferisce per la sua cura quotidiana ricercate sostanze dermoaffini naturali e derivate da Green Chemistry.



Just as a plant draws strength and nourishment from the earth that houses it, so the skin finds balance and vigour with Pro Balance: when time and certain living conditions alter the constitution of the cutaneous “soil”, Pro Solution takes care of it in an accurate and unique way.