"We are made of the same substance that dreams are made of," said Shakespeare. Paraphrasing the words of the well-known English playwright, we can say that man, beyond the body, exists as pure energy in constant change that aspires to improve itself, to find itself.

This extraordinary concept, declined through novelties in cosmetics and nutraceuticals, was discussed in the late afternoon of April 12, 2022. #STARDUST, Beauty Class by Hino Natural Skincare, is in fact the cultural event organized on this occasion in Rome by Green Remedies and addressed to Pharmacists, Retailers Operators and Doctors, at the elegant Hotel Rome Cavalieri.

Situated on the highest hill in Rome-with an unparalleled panoramic view of the Eternal City-the Rome Cavalieri hosted talks by prestigious Speakers in the cosmetic and nutraceutical fields, sharing the latest trends with participants.

Next is a contribution from the Scientific Board of HINO NATURAL SKINCARE, dedicated to practical usage tips for a daily glowing beauty skincare starring SIRLIGHT, an innovative lightening facial peel. The skin is the largest organ of our body and benefits both from a habit of daily use of cosmetic products that respect the skin and the environment, and from careful and researched nutrition that rediscovers its functions in favor of quality aging. Framing this spring fresco was once again the parallelism between cosmetic science and dance, such different disciplines that find themselves in reality very close, as they share the desire to offer the world experiences of Beauty and Dream.