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Gentle Cream, soothing face cream, the ideal support for the most sensitive skin. Comfort delicate skin. Lipoic acid, Oenothera biennis oil.


Gentle Nutra Milk is the facial cleanser for sensitive and dry skin, formulated to provide gentle and effective cleansing. Pinus pinaster extract, jojoba oil.

Cleansers and Makeup Remover

Face Tonic - Tonic Balancing Fluid


Tonic Balancing Fluid, facial toner, which provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and firmness to the skin. Toner every skin. Rebalancing total. Pinus pinaster extract, Calendula officinalis and Aloe extract.


Combination Cleasing Lotion, facial cleanser for combination skin, formulated to provide effective and gentle cleansing. Purifying cleanser. Pinus pinaster extract, Kaolin


Oval-Guard Washing Gel offers a complete and protective cleansing for the skin. Its gentle formula with Flavocare® and Hamamelis virginiana extract helps keep the skin's natural defenses intact.  


Telo-Axt is designed to effectively act on the senescence marker known as Progerin, thereby addressing the chrono-aging process. Astaplankton® HA, LYS'LASTINE®


Washing Gel Impurity, facial cleanser for oily skin, formulated for effective and refreshing cleansing of skin that tends to be oily, impure or combination. Purifying gel. Hamamelis virginiana extract, Burdock


Hamamelis Active Eye Cleanser, for cleaning eye make-up offers complete make-up removal. Eye & make-up remover. Hamamelis virginiana extract


Anti-redness treatment for acne-prone skin. Soothing and sebum-normalizing cream. For targeted and effective treatment against skin impurities and imperfections. Flavocare®, Probiotic Technology.


Renaissance Body Cream, moisturizing body cream specially formulated to provide hydration and firmness to the skin. Multicomfort. Panthenol, Rice bran oil


Formulated for chapped, reddened skin and to improve nail wellness, this cream offers a rich, full-bodied composition enriched with butters and essential oils.


Hand-Guard Washing Gel offers a complete and protective hand cleansing, ideal for daily hygiene. Flavocare®, Calendula officinalis extract