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Stretch mark creams have become an indispensable part of the bodycare routine for many people, aiming to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and prevent their formation. These streaks on the skin, which can vary in color from red to silvery white, are commonly associated with rapid weight changes, pregnancy or other factors that put stress on the skin. Their effectiveness lies in their ability to deeply nourish the skin, improve its elasticity and stimulate cell regeneration.


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Filloil® the anti-wrinkle face oil with elasticizing and smoothing action, formulated with a synergy of Silicon and organic Argan Oil.


Curcut, effectively counteracts the formation and reduces the width of stretch marks. Elasticizing body. Stretch marks width reduction. Pre & post stretch marks. Regu®-stretch, Curcuma Fitosoma®


Lhiscio, moisturizing body scrub, provides effective exfoliating action for body skin. Soft body application. Guérande salt, shea and cocoa butter.