Hyanify® marine ingredient

Glycacid Eco and Glycohyal LW

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Reduces the depth of nasolabial wrinkles

Its daily application favours a filling effect, softening facial features

Pure serum with a high concentration of active ingredients, 98% naturally derived

true effectiveness



Glass bottle


NAHY, siero viso con acido ialuronico è la soluzione efficace per contrastare le rughe, riducendo la profondità delle rughe naso-geniene.

Grazie alla sua formulazione avanzata e alla sua alta concentrazione di attivi, questo siero offre un trattamento mirato per ridurre visibilmente i segni dell’invecchiamento cutaneo. L’applicazione NAHY contribuisce a donare un effetto riempitivo, che addolcisce i tratti del volto e favorisce una pelle più tonica.

L’acido ialuronico è un ingrediente chiave noto per le sue proprietà idratanti e rigeneranti, ed è ampiamente utilizzato nei prodotti per la cura della pelle mirati alle rughe e alla perdita di elasticità cutanea.


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  1. Veronica -

    This nn leave it anymore it is wonderful the effect it gives on wrinkles

  2. Bruna (verified owner) -

    Forse perchè non la uso da molto tempo, ma ancora non riesco ad apprezzare l’effetto promesso. Si tratta comunque di un siero facilmente assorbile

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Other information

The outstanding feature of NAHY is its combined action, made possible by the presence of hydrophilic ingredients and molecules with heterogeneous characteristics; alongside a multilevel action of support in depth and hydration at the level of the wrinkle surface, NAHY it also exerts a eudermic action that enriches the skin indirectly with hyaluronic acid precursor molecules and directly with already formed hyaluronic acid molecules. Its composition includes HYANIFY® marine ingredient, an innovative ingredient of marine origin that can treat the nasolabial groove area. This Exopolysaccharide, obtained by biofermentation from ƴ-proteobacteria isolated from the surface of Laminaria algae, is able to stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and specifically intervene on nose-genius wrinkles. Completing the formula of NAHY multiple forms of hyaluronic acid and related precursors: GLYCACID ECO (plant-derived blend of Hyaluronic Acid Precursors with a very low molecular weight) and GLYCOHYAL LW (blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Glycosaminoglycans as its precursors) as actives used to exert a deep moisturizing action, combined with PHYLCARE MV (Sodium Hyaluronate with a medium molecular weight) suitable to act on skin dryness at the surface of the wrinkle furrow.

Hyanify® is a registered trademark of The Lubrizol Corporation or its affiliates Glycacid Eco and Glycohyal LW are products of CR&D Ltd.

Exopolysaccharide from ƴ-proteobacteria (Hyanify® marine ingredient), Hyaluronic acid and Glycosaminoglycan mixture (Glycohyal LW), and Hyaluronic acid precursors from plant sources (Glycacid Eco), Sodium hyaluronate with medium molecular weight (Phylcare MV)
Hyanify® is a registered trademark of The Lubrizol Corporation. 
Glycacid Eco and Glycohyal LW are products of CR&D Ltd.

METHOD OF USE: Apply morning and evening a few drops of NAHY in the hollow of each nasolabial fold. Massage until completely absorbed. Optimal results are obtained with at least 2 months of application.

FREQUENCY OF USE: Nose-genital wrinkle serum. NAHY is indicated to complement the daily facial treatment for a structured anti-aging action in case of more mature skin; it is recommended within the cosmetic system in combination with specific references HINO NATURAL SKINCARE chosen for the best support of mature skin.

AQUA, HYDROLYZED GLYCOSAMINOGLYCANS*, GLYCERIN*, SODIUM HYALURONATE*, HYALURONIC ACID*, SACCHARIDE ISOMERATE*, XANTHAN GUM*, PROPANEDIOL*, GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE*, ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN, SODIUM HYDROXIDE, SODIUM PHOSPHATE, DISODIUM PHOSPHATE, SODIUM DEHYDROACETATE, SODIUM BENZOATE, POTASSIUM SORBATE, PHENOXYETHANOL. *Raw material of natural origin. Dermatologically tested with 96-hour patch test and repeated application under dermatological supervision in subjects with sensitive skin. Tested to Nickel, Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Mercury (each ≤ 0.16 ppm).